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Teeth Whitening

Revitalize Rx offers a relaxing teeth whitening experience using blue LED laser light and hydrogen peroxide gel to clean stained or yellowed teeth caused by age, coffee, red wine, or smoking. Book now for a brighter smile!

Lie back and relax

Lie back and relax in one of our comfy chairs while you brighten and whiten your smile while you scroll on your phone, watch a movie, or just sit in peace & quiet. Many factors contribute to having stained teeth such as age, consuming red wine or coffee regularly, or smoking. Teeth whitening at Revitalize Rx cleans stained or yellowed teeth through the use of a blue LED laser light and a hydrogen peroxide based gel.

teeth whitening

Brighten & Whiten
Your smile

Express     15 Minutes      $55

Diamond    30 Minutes      $95


Platinum   60 Minutes      $155   

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