Wax & Shape : $20

sculpt eyebrows into a stylish, flattering and well-defined shape. Brow shapes may be glamorous or natural, whatever suits your style.

Wax , Shape & Tint: $35

sculpt and define eyebrows through the use of shape and color.  Waxing gives the brow a pleasing shape which can make your eyes appear brighter, more vibrant and give your face a more lifted look overall. Tinting adds custom-blended color to lashes and brows for eye-catching glamour or to create a more unified look for those whose hair and brow colors may differ slightly. Your tint will be custom-blended so you can add drama by darkening your brows or take the opportunity to create a look that unifies your hair, eyebrow and lash colors if they differ slightly.

Wax, Shape, & Lamination: $75

begins with straightening the brows, then applying a perm solution to hold the brow hairs in the right shape and position.  The service ends with a brow trim for a perfect result.