LASER  Genesis

       Our Lutronic Clartiy II Laser Machine effectively provides the following services : skin tightening, removal of dark pigment & redness, and HAIR REMOVAL. Laser treatment drastically improves the overall tone and texture of the skin.  Using high-intensity visible light, will remove the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, rosacea and wrinkles.  The additional collagen will help tighten the area and reduce lines and wrinkles. Repeated treatments will gradually enhance the appearance of your skin with lasting results. Laser Genesis service is safe, painless, comfortable, non-invasive and there is no downtime.

 $300 per session

or add on laser genesis to any facial for $150



                                                  Buy 3 sessions, take 15% off

Buy 6 sessions, take 20% off



        If you take a close look at the age spots and sunspots on your skin, you’ll notice they vary in color and intensity. Over time with aging and sun exposure our skin forms dark spots. Similarly, it takes t i m e to remove these spots. Some are very dark, some are just a little dark, and some are barely darker than your normal skin tone. It is melanin that gives these spots their color - the darker they are, the more melanin they contain.

     Our team has been well educated and trained using the Lutronic Clarity II to treat all specific skin types. During your first treatment, the machine will be programmed to target the darkest and deepest areas of pigmentation. During this initial appointment, your esthetician will suggest the appropriate number of treatments needed and the duration for which they should be spaced out, After just one treatment you will see those dark spots fade.  Each treatment targets the next level of pigmentation.